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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lose 10 Pounds - Discover How To Lose Weight In 10 Days!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Diet Dos and Don’ts
Chapter 3 - Green Tea - Does It Work?
Chapter 4 - Diet Pills
Chapter 5 - Body Cleansers
Chapter 6 - Why Starvation Does Not Work
Chapter 7 - Watch What You Drink!
Chapter 8 - Why You Need To Exercise
Chapter 9 - How To Eat
Chapter 10 - Why Age Matters
Chapter 11 - What Is Your Ideal Weight
Chapter 12 - Mind Over Matter

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Losing weight can be one of the most difficult things a person has to do.  Like smoking, food is sometimes an addition.  There are many reasons why someone may be overweight.  In most cases, it is due to lack of exercise and eating the wrong foods.  Often, people overeat out of habit.  They may pick at food casually all day long or indulge in snacks that they love.  In some cases, a woman has just had a child and needs to lose the excess weight that she gained after having the baby.  This can be difficult as often a new baby is exhausting and distressing on the body.  It can be tough to lose weight after giving birth, especially if you have other children to look out after. 

My problems with weight gain didn’t start until I was older.  I was a skinny kid all my life and even into adulthood.  Even after I had my kids, in my 20s, I managed to get off the weight by using just a diet and a little bit of exercise.  I seemed to be one of the lucky ones who didn’t have to struggle with weight, although I saw plenty of my friends and family members trying to get excess weight off.  It did help that I had my children at a younger age and had them nearly three years apart - it gave my body a chance to get back into shape each time.   

I remember when I turned 30, I started feeling as though I was putting on weight, and I was.  A friend of mine told me that after 30, weight was more difficult to lose, so I joined a gym. I got back into shape.  As a matter of fact, a good diet and exercise got me thinner than I was in high school.  Although many people felt that at 5’7” and 118 pounds, I was far too thin.   Over the years, I gradually gained the weight back.  After I hit 40, I began to see that it was even more difficult to get the weight off.  I went to another health club and got on a scale and saw I was 155 pounds.  This was more than I weighed when I gave birth to my daughter. 

It was harder to get the weight off after 40, but I managed.  Then I turned 45 and it got even harder.  For two years, I was not overweight, but not happy with my appearance.  I no longer fit into my shorts and jeans and took to wearing elastic skirts all of the time to hide the excess weight.   I would take some of the weight off, but then during the winter months, especially over the holiday season, it would creep back up.  After the last holiday season, I found that I was up to 145, mostly due to eating foods that were delicious, but were no good for me.  A sedentary lifestyle that we often have over the winter months also played into this fact. 

This summer, however, I was determined to lose the weight that I gained and get back into my shorts that had been neglected for two summers.  This time, however, I decided to do some investigating into weight loss and see which plans worked best.  Naturally, I wanted to take off as much weight as possible in as little time as possible.  I was able to lose 10 pounds in 10 days by using some of the tips in this book.  Through diet and exercise, I then took off the remaining 9 pounds that was a bit more than my weight loss goal and now fit into my shorts.  

Losing 10 pounds in 10 days is not as difficult as you think.  Whether you just want to jump start a diet or if you are seeking a way to just rid yourself of some vanity weight, the methods in this book that I discuss are safe and will work for you.  I also explore some unsafe ways that some people will tell you work with weight loss and why you should not try them as well as your ideal weight for your height and age.   Many people, especially women, tend to have a distorted view of their bodies and what they should weigh.  This is why before you attempt weight loss, you should not only have a goal in mind, but also make sure that this goal is a healthy goal that will make you look and feel better, as well as healthier, without looking gaunt.

Once you learn how to lose weight in this book, you will also know how to keep it off.  In addition to teaching you how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, this book also teaches you how to live a more healthy lifestyle, without having to join a gym, buy special foods or put out any money.  After you lose the 10 pounds, you will feel much more empowered over your body and your health.   Even if you have more weight to lose, this is a good start towards taking that weight off and keeping it off. 

Many weight loss programs will tell you that you should only lose 2 pounds a week if you are on a diet.  The reason for them telling you this is very simple - they want you to keep going to the program so that you can continue to pay.  If you continue to follow the examples set forth in this book, you will not only be able to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, but you will also continue to be able to lose weight at an accelerated pace.  

Chapter 2 - Diet Dos and Don’ts

Diet is the most important aspect of weight loss.  What you eat shows up all over your body.  Those who tell you that you can take a magic pill and eat all the junk that you want and still lose weight are lying to you in order to sell pills, which are usually dangerous. 

If you’re serious about losing weight, there are certain foods that you can eat, and certain foods that you should not eat.  This does not mean that you have to eat nothing but rabbit food, but it does mean that you have to pass up on that Big Mac with fries. 

This entire book could be comprised of foods that you should not eat when you are on a diet.  There are many foods out there that are delicious but are not good for you as they are high in fat or sugar.  I am going to concentrate on foods that you will most likely eat in order to give you some diet dos and don’ts. 

Foods To Avoid

The following are foods that you should avoid when you are seeking to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, or any time you are watching your weight.  In fact, these foods are good to avoid…period: 

  • Fast foods
  • Fried foods
  • Products marked low fat or diet
  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Cakes and other sweets
  • Frozen foods
Notice that this list does not include words like “carbs” or “trans fats”  This is because dieting to lose weight is not a complicated plan.  You do not have to cut out all of the foods that you eat or eat just protein, although you should increase your protein intake.  You just have to avoid foods that are diet saboteurs. 

Fast Foods

Fast foods are usually fried, greasy, high in fat, high in sugar, processed with chemicals or high in sodium.  The first thing that you want to avoid when you are seeking a way to lose weight are any fast foods.  That means any of them.  Many of them are disguising themselves as “healthy foods.”  They’re not.  In order for fast food giants like McDonald’s to offer salads, they have to be able to buy the ingredients so that they can be stored and distributed all over the country.  Those “diet salads” often have more calories in them than some of the sandwiches, especially if you add the dressing, which is usually high in fat and sugar. 

Take your lunch.  Even if you take a peanut butter sandwich from home, you are still getting less calories than you would if you ate at fast food restaurants.  Actually, peanut butter, although fatty, is very good for you as it is a good source of protein.  You just do not want to overdo it. 

One of the first things that you need to do if you are going to lose 10 pounds in 10 days is to give up the idea of eating out.  Skip the muffin that you get in the morning and the lunch that you eat at a fast food joint in the afternoon.  Take your lunch for 10 days and you will see a difference in your weight. 

When I wanted to take off weight in the past, the first thing I did was eliminate McDonald’s from my diet.  I used to like McDonald’s, but knew that a Big Mac, an order of fries and a Coke were more calorie content than my body needed for one meal (that typical menu is 1300 calories).  I was never big on calorie counting and prefer to do things simple, but I knew that the calories that I consumed for fast foods were more than those consumed from foods that I brought from home and didn’t really fill me up.  Make eating fast foods the first thing that you eliminate if you are trying to lose weight. 

Do not be fooled by Subway ads that say you can lose weight by eating their foods.  They consist of processed meats and cheeses that are not good for you, either.  In order for fast foods to be mass produced as they are, they have to be treated with chemicals.  If you want a vegetable sandwich, make it at home and bring it to work. 

Fried Foods

Fried foods are delicious.  Even bugs would taste good if they were deep fried.  But foods that are deep fried are high in fat, usually unsaturated fat.  While many restaurants are getting rid of trans fats in their foods, due to demands by the FDA and other legal authorities, fried foods are high in fat and are not good for any diet.  They are also high in calories.  Eat foods that are broiled or barbequed if you want to lose weight and stay away from anything fried. 

Many people eat fried foods because they are inexpensive and filling.  But fried foods are one of the main reasons why people put on weight in the first place.  They do not offer you the nutritional value that you need for your body and what little value they do have is diminished by the fact that they are fried.  When you cook, use a George Foreman Grill to make meats and even grill vegetables.  If you have to use any oils so foods will not stick, use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Products Marked Low Fat Or Diet

So many people think that they can eat so-called “diet” foods when they are on a diet.  The stores are filled with these foods that are usually loaded with chemicals and often are no better for you than the regular foods.  For example, Cheezits - one of my all-time favorite snacks.  There is a low-fat variety of Cheezits that I actually prefer over the regular Cheezits.  However, if you look at the fat and calorie content, you will see that there is not much difference. 

Snackwells are the same. These are low fat cookies and cakes.  What people do not realize is that they usually end up eating more of these foods because they feel that they are “diet” foods.  Foods that are sweet and marked for being a diet food contain a sugar substitute (one of the many latest to come around) that is worse for you than actual sugar.

People tend to overindulge in the low fat or diet snacks and foods that are out there, thinking that they are getting away with something.  While you can replace your regular foods with low fat, you have to be aware of the chemicals that the foods may contain as well as the fact that they are not that much lower in calories.  If you have a hankering for Cheezits, have only a small portion of the low fat type, but do not feel that because they are low fat, you can eat the entire box. 

You are better off having real foods in your home than those that are marked low fat or diet as you will not be tempted to over indulge in eating that will sabotage your diet. 

Cookies, Candy, Cakes and Other Sweets

Stay away from sugar if you want to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.  Sugar is one of the main reasons why people gain weight.  Many people have a sweet tooth and cannot help but indulge in these foods.  Sugar is processed through the system very quickly.  It is hard on the digestive organs and causes them to work extra hard to process the foods for elimination.  Sugar stays in the blood stream and turns to fat.  While it can be difficult for anyone with a sweet tooth to give up sweets, it is essential that you do this if you want to lose weight. 

Sweets do not offer you any nutritional value whatsoever.  They do nothing to help your body and are considered empty calories.  You are eating them for nothing  and they are showing up as fat on your body.  Some diets tell you to avoid all foods that contain simple carbohydrates, such as bread.  But while breads have nutritional value and are at least filling, sweets offer you nothing.   Nothing but calories that will pile up on your body. 

Frozen Foods

Lean Cuisine?  Do not bother.  Stay away from all frozen foods.  They are loaded with sodium.  They have to be loaded with sodium in order to keep.  Sodium will also make you retain water and will hamper your ability to lose weight.   If you think that those diet foods that you see in the frozen food aisle are your answer when it comes to losing weight, think again.   Not only do they have excessively small portions, but the sodium content negates the low calories in these meals. 

By cooking at home and eating real foods, you can end up not only losing the weight that you want to lose, but also eating healthier   Avoid fast foods, fried foods, sweets, diet foods and frozen foods if you want to lose weight. 

Foods To Eat

When you are looking for foods to eat on your diet, look towards natural foods.  Also be careful how you cook them.  You should also increase your protein intake so that your body will burn more calories. 

One important meal that you do not want to miss is breakfast.  You should eat protein for breakfast when you want to lose weight fast as this will boost your metabolism and cause you to start burning fat early in the day.  Foods to eat for breakfast should be high in protein, but not contain sugar.  Stay away from so-called protein bars. 

Hard boiled eggs, broiled meats and whole grains are a good choice for breakfast.  A soft boiled or poached egg is also a good choice when it comes to early morning food because eggs are a good source of protein.  Eggs have a bad rap as being high in cholesterol, although this is not true.  Egg whites are a good source of protein and as long a they are not fried, they make a good breakfast choice. 

Salads are good for lunch.  You can try a low fat dressing, although you can easily make your own salad dressing.  Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar and add herbs like Oregano and Basil to the dressing and it will be low in fat and will not contain preservatives.   Grilled vegetables are also a good choice for lunch meals. 

You want to add protein to your diet, but not a lot of fat.   Chicken breast is a good source of protein and if you broil it, you will be getting the benefits of the protein without the fat.  Fish is also an  excellent source of protein as is red meat.  A hamburger without a bun, for example, that has been barbequed, will give you protein that you need for the day. 

If you have a sweet tooth, eat fruit.  While fruits have sugar, unlike sweets they do supply your body with the nutrients that you need.  Vegetables are also essential to a healthy diet.  You can eat vegetables like celery and carrots all day long - they have minimal calories and you actually expend more calories to chew these vegetables than they contain. 

In most cases, the foods to eat when you are trying to lose weight are common sense.  If you know which foods to stay away from, you should know which foods to eat.  Cooking the foods is very important.  You should cook at home instead of eating out and watch the oils and seasonings that you use.  Simple substitutions, like hamburger that you make at home or chicken breast, for lunch instead of a fast food sandwich, can make a tremendous impact when it comes to weight loss.  Substituting fruit instead of eating cakes will also make a difference. 

Eat three meals a day and do not eat in the evening.  You can snack between meals on raw vegetables.  You will find that by following this diet plan, you not only lose weight successfully, but also feel better as well. 

 One thing that you have to remember is to eat only until you are not hungry any longer.  Instead of stuffing yourself until you cannot eat any more, eat until you no longer have a hungry feeling. When you do have a feeling of hunger, eat something that is not one of the foods to avoid and then wait 20 minutes before you snack again.  Often, it takes some time for the signal that we are no longer hungry to travel to the brain.  You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight.  You can do so and even be healthier at the same time if you follow this type of diet. 

Chapter 3 - Green Tea - Does It Work?

There has been a lot of talk about green tea and how it can work for diets.  Does green tea work to help you lose weight?  Yes.  As long as it is home brewed, unsweetened green tea.   If you think that you  can drink gallons of sweetened green tea and lose weight, think again. 

Green tea has health benefits that are not found in black tea.  In general, tea is a drink that is good for you.  There are hundreds of different teas and many different flavored green teas.  You can have green tea either caffeinated of de-caffeinated.  This acts as a diuretic and will cleanse out the system.  I drink green tea all day long and have managed to maintain my weight after losing the weight I wanted to lose while going back to my regular diet. 

While water works well as a diuretic, green tea is more stimulating.  Speaking from someone who has tried both, green tea works better when it comes to dropping the pounds than just drinking plain water.  I drink de-caffeinated green tea that I brew myself.  You do end up visiting the bathroom often when you drink tea or water all day long, but you also manage to cleanse out your system and keep off the weight. 

You should look for green tea in bags or loose that you can brew at home.  One of the nicest aspects about green tea is that you can drink it hot or cold.  It is easy to make iced green tea even without a tea maker.  You just need to have tea bags, a container and boiling water.  Put the tea bags into the container, add the boiling water and let it brew for about five minutes.  Then fill up the rest of the container with cold water and remove the tea bags.  Refrigerate it and you will have iced tea that you can drink all day long. 

You can find flavors of green tea in the grocery store that do not contain any calories.  Natural green tea, however, works the best.  You should not add sugar to the tea as this will defeat the purpose in drinking it. 

If you do not like the taste of green tea unsweetened, then drink water.  You will find that you take off your water weight, which is usually about five pounds, right away by drinking plenty of green tea or water throughout the day.  Not only will it help you lose weight, it also keeps you filled up.  You tend to want to eat less when you drink unsweetened drinks all day long.  To the contrary, sweetened drinks, even those that are made with artificial sweeteners, make you want to eat more. 

Stay away from canned green teas or those that are sold in the stores that are already brewed.  They will not allow you to lose weight but can also contribute to you gaining weight.  You can also make “sun tea” by putting tea bags into cold water and putting the container by the sunlight.  It will brew naturally throughout the day and the taste is often better than if you make it with boiling water. 

There are diet green teas that are on the market that are supposed to let you lose more weight.  These diet teas are usually heavily concentrated in caffeine. You can get the best effects, without the jitters that you get from taking in too much caffeine, by drinking regular green tea. 

If you drink caffeinated green tea, switch to decaffeinated green tea as the day wears on so that you will not be kept awake by the effects of the caffeine.  You may want to switch your morning drink from coffee to green tea so that you can get a head start on the day.  Although both contain caffeine, the caffeine in coffee is more potent than that in the green tea and less of a diuretic. 


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